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Please find the most recent events that our founder will be hosting either directly or from third-party seminar specialists.​

Please see links below to book!

Domestic Violence/Abuse and Therapy
                                       22nd July 2021

Learning objectives:

  • To understand domestic violence/abuse

  • To understand the different types of domestic violence/abuse within relationships

  • To understand the issues this client group may present in therapy

  • To be aware of the different ways of working with this client group

  • To identify the risks when working with this client group

  • To understand and be informed of working with 3rd parties and different agencies with this client group

Sexual Abuse and Men 
07 October 2021

Learning objectives:

  • Be aware of the difference of impact of sexual abuse on male survivors

  • Be aware of how men are seen/treated in society

  • Be aware of the barriers when working with male survivors

  • Learn how to effectively deal with barriers male survivors may present

  • Understand the risks and retraumatising

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